Campo della Bragora


This project was developed at the IUAV University of Venice during the course of Information Design held by professors Emanuela Bonini Lessing and Gianluigi Pescolderung. After an initial period of research about one of the many venetian “campi”, we were asked to design an identity, a promotional campaign and a map for this space. “Campo della Bragora” stand out among all the others for the presence of many legends that make it mysterious and magical. Hence, we designed an identity linked to these issues. Through five different magic itineraries (love, death, relics, spirits and adventure), the user is taken to recall the stories and the venetian traditions, the last stop of each journey ends in Campo della Bragora where, to further complete the magic scenario, there will be an evocative installation.




The creation of the logo of the campo develops from the typographical sign itself. The monogram of Campo della Bragora, whose letters c, d, b written in the new version of San Marco stencil, are integrated one with the other and altered according to the diagonal cut of the terminals. The result is characterized by its recall of geometric abstraction and calligraphic style.
The obtained form spread vertically thanks to the lateral circular signs and the central ascendant, which also determines the baseline from which come up the logotype, written in Interstate Black. The logo and its components, that remind of a narrative flavor of the venetian tradition, are represented through signs of the past that we evolved evolved into a modern and dynamic forms, as the entire project was intended to be.




This typeface was designed in 1990 by Karlgeorg Hoefer, inspired by the rotunda style of the fifteenth century Italian gothic writing and gothic types designed by Nicolas Jenson as well as the roundness of the arches of the famous Basilica in Venice. The work done on the original typeface gave  a stencil version, in which the thin strokes dissolve making each letter formed of individual “pieces”. The choice of this typeface has been addressed by the search for a calligraphic imaginary and a strong drama.



We designed five illustrations, one for each journey. Love is symbolized by two lovers, adventure by an elephant, death by a skeleton archer, relics by a golden chalice and the spectra by a witch. The designs have been carried out referring to the woodcut style which dates back to the fourteenth century. The reason for this choice is the willingness to use a proper style of legendary manuals of magic.



On the front of the map are reported five thematic itinerary: love, death, adventure, relics and spirits. Each route consists of five stages that will lead the reader to discover some of the many mysterious places of the lagoon through its legends. On the back, there is a short story of each of these legends divided into categories.

Campo-della-Bragora-5 Campo-della-Bragora-6



Posters are designed to be posted up in the campo and the entire Venice. Their style introduces routes’ visual identification code and it’s a strong recall to the back of the map. In this way, posters can promote the different routes, spreading knowledge of various legends set in Campo della Bragora and excite curiosity in people. In addition to an illustration, in fact, every poster has a text which tells this mysterious place to the reader.

Campo-della-Bragora-10 Campo-della-Bragora-19


The communicative intervention in the field consists of five metal panels in which are carved the descriptions of the Bragora legends, written in San Marco stencil. The artifact is located in the southern part of the campo, near the church. During the day this pentagonal structure evokes the magical flow of the story and people can enter in it to be immersed in the legends of the campo. In the night the installation expresses its charm, thanks to a structure of internal lighting. The letters on the perforated panel are projected over the entire campo, literally making it an active part of the narration.

Campo-della-Bragora-13Campo-della-Bragora-16Campo-della-Bragora-25Campo-della-Bragora-20 Campo-della-Bragora-12Campo-della-Bragora-18

Project by:

Biagio Pandolfi
Andrea Pavan
Mauro Pocobelli
Lorenzo Tomassetti


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