E-ducation is a project born during an information design course at IUAV University in Venice. It is an actual new method, both for learning and for teaching, addressing primary and secondary schools that want to keep up with new technologies. Indeed, one of the main innovations that will remodel the learning landscape in the near future will be the digitalization of academic books.


E-ducation is a platform designed for students, allowing them to download didactic material and to take exercises based on the knowledge acquired. In this way the Professor will get valuable feedbacks to monitor the students’ trend and to fulfill each singular student’s gaps.



Our project is designed for mobile devices. We created digital publications able to stimulate and unleash students’ curiosity towards topics discussed in class. Our mission is not merely to transfer old academic books on new mobile devices. Instead, we believe we will be able to create a truly collaborative relationship between students and professors.

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What is truly innovative in our project is the concept of interaction: our publications will be enriched with pictures, videos and graphs, which will increase students’ engagement towards topics discussed in

Moreover, our publications will be enhanced by curiosities about the notions discussed through the text and, finally, a twofold layout will make studying more comfortable and contents more user-friendly. From the graphic point of view there are several features that characterize publications: font’s hierarchy and the layout contribute to highlight the fundamental parts of the text. Videos, interactive infographics and illustrations ease topics’ understanding and consequently also their learning.

E-ducation, in addition to improve the didactic work, has also realistic purposes, as to reduce the weight of students’ bags, as well as contents’ accessibility, wherever you are!

Project by:

Ugo Bosco,
Biagio Pandolfi
Ludovica Saccenti
Lorenzo Tomassetti


About me

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My name is Lorenzo Tomassetti, a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Italy.
My specialties are brand identities and editorial design, but I love also motion graphics and illustrations.
When I’m not designing, I’m probably watching movies, reading, painting, playing chess or hanging out with friends.
Want to know more about me? Please have a look at my Curriculum Vitae