Firefox Flicks is a Mozilla’s contest that invites fans of Firefox and film-makers all over the world to create short videos, or “flicks”, that tell the story of Firefox. The concept gave by Firefox Flicks 2013 is to show to more and more people the web’s importance, its accessibility and the different ways in which internet can invests their lives to improve it. Through Flicks, Mozilla want to put into the market the new operative system dedicated to mobile devices Firefox OS.

The project bases on five categories of mobile web: fun, research, indication on real time, sharing and connecting people. The video is characterized by the presence of icons and 3d objects that highlight interactions with main actor. The message is addressed to people who don’t know yet mobile web’s world to teach them the new opportunities and functions of which Firefox offers.

firefox_storyboard_1firefox_storyboard_2firefox_storyboard_3 firefox_storyboard_4 firefox_storyboard_5 firefox_storyboard_6 firefox_storyboard_7 firefox_storyboard_8 firefox_storyboard_9

Special thanks to:

Marco Miccichè – Main actor
Antonio Maiolino, Marina Mangiat, Marcello Musina – Other actors
Antonella Ligios – Location

Project by:

Biagio Pandolfi
Ludovica Saccenti
Lorenzo Tomassetti


About me

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My name is Lorenzo Tomassetti, a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Italy.
My specialties are brand identities and editorial design, but I love also motion graphics and illustrations.
When I’m not designing, I’m probably watching movies, reading, painting, playing chess or hanging out with friends.
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