campo della bragora

PROJECT BY — Biagio Pandolfi, Andrea Pavan, Mauro Pocobelli, Lorenzo Tomassetti

DONE AT — IUAV – University of Venice

YEAR — 2014

This project was developed at the IUAV University of Venice during the course of Information Design held by professors Emanuela Bonini Lessing and Gianluigi Pescolderung. After an initial period of research about one of the many venetian “campi”, we were asked to design an identity, a promotional campaign and a map for this space. “Campo della Bragora” stand out among all the others for the presence of many legends that make it mysterious and magical. Hence, we designed an identity linked to these issues. Through five different magic itineraries (love, death, relics, spirits and adventure), the user is taken to recall the stories and the venetian traditions, the last stop of each journey ends in Campo della Bragora where, to further complete the magic scenario, there will be an evocative installation.